Live review from Hot Press magazine’s Freezer Sessions, Cork 2012

“Chanelling the The Byrds and the Stone Roses, they mix melody and guitar attack with superb effect. Songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Danda Paxton pulls the strings, masterminding the band’s big sound superbly. They go down a storm”.

- Hot Press magazine

Excerpt from live review of The Blades live at the Olympia Theatre from Hot Press magazine

“One of the most hotly-anticipated reunions of the year opened with a sublime support set by Buffalo Sunn. The quintet wowed with a fine bevvy of tunes delivered with requisite aplomb, which included excellent current single ‘Seven Seas’ and shimmering sundry sonic nuggets such as ‘Like A Stone’ and ‘Jamestown’.” (Roisin Dwyer)

- Hot Press magazine (link) | Published on: 14th December 2013

Seven Seas single review from Hot Press Magazine

“Drenched in reverb and seeping with sonic sunshine, ‘Seven Seas’ is the debut single from Buffalo Sunn, and an absolutely gorgeous, heart-swelling stab of wax. The band, who will no doubt be familiar to many readers by their former moniker of Sweet Jane, really pulled out all the stops for this track and the chorus is without doubt one of the best of the year.” (Edwin McFee)

- Hot Press Magazine | Published on: 8th November 2013

Live from Hard Working Class Heroes Festival 2013

Made up of four brothers from clan Paxton and an “adopted brother” Sweet Jane or Buffalo Sunn as they are now known are a big, old school guitar band and it comes as no surprise that they have been a regular on the Irish festival scene or that their music has been featured on home grown TV shows such as RTE’s Raw. We hope that the name change does not hinder this band and hopefully their November single release of Seven Seas continues the success that the group have enjoyed in recent times.

- Make Noise Make Music (link) | Published on: 19th October 2013

Live review from CMW 2013. The Hideout, Toronto

“This band from Dublin, Ireland rolled out their softer poppy sound reminiscent of mid 60′s rock. Not really psychadelic and not really hard rock, they had a great sound with a very strong vocal presence. The Hideout patrons were grooving to these guys.”

- T-Mak World (link) | Published on: 22nd March 2013