Entertainment.ie Interview With Daniel and Patrick 01 November 2015

Following the release of the new Visit Dublin campaign featuring ‘Ocean,’ Entertainment.ie sat down with Daniel and Patrick to ask them about ‘Ocean,’ the new initiative, and their own love for the city they call home.

Buffalo Sunn tell us about their Dublin

- Entertainment.ie (link) | Published on: 28 October 2015

New Visit Dublin Campaign Featuring ‘Ocean’ 18 October 2015

Visit Dublin are launching a new campaign and have chosen ‘Ocean’ from our album By The Ocean By The Sea to feature in the ad. Check out the video here:

Dublin - A Breath of Fresh Air

City streets, stunning costal scenery, mountain vistas, families, friends and couples enjoy the energy of city life and relish in the stunning tranquillity of Dublin’s surrounds. #LoveDublin


HWCH Acoustic Gig at HMV Henry Street 25 September 2015

Our HWCH acoustic gig originally announced at The Generator in Smithfield will actually take place at HMV Henry Street!

Still 5pm, tickets available here

Hard Working Class Heroes 2015 18 September 2015

We’ll be playing this year’s Hard Working Class Heroes kicking off with an acoustic set at The Generator in Smithfield, and then headlining the Saturday night lineup at Bad Bob’s Temple Bar.

Sat. October 3 @ 5pm, HMV Henry Street (Acoustic)*

Sat. October 3 @ 10:40pm, Bad Bob’s Temple Bar with Arborist, Ports, and more!

Tickets available at hwch.net!


*Moved from The Generator, Smithfield Square