50ThirdAnd3rd Video Of The Day 20 November 2016

“A fetching and sparkling Americana symphony obviously inspired, musically, by the sunlit place where it was recorded. So lively, so upbeat and so richly colored with crystal clear Byrds harmonies that you almost forget that Idle Man isn’t a happy dude at all.”

- 50ThirdAnd3rd (link) | Published on: November 19, 2016

Remy’s Music & Film November Playlist 20 November 2016

“Buffalo Sunn, whose star is rising rapidly here on the domestic music scene, go with a country-rock feel, some lovely slide guitar, and a musing on the life of a solitary character.”

- The Best of Music And Film (link) | Published on: November 19, 2016

Hot Press Idle Man Review 17 November 2016

“After months slaving away writing and recording in LA’s Sunset Sound Studios with Grammy award winning producer Joe Chicarelli, the Dublin-based Buffalo Sunn return with their brand new single ‘Idle Man’. Stitching a ‘Boys of Summer’-ish back-beat together with countrified pedal steel guitars, the sun kissed number sees the quintet in vintage form. It’s the perfect sonic tonic if you’ve got a dose of the winter blues.”

- Hot Press | Published on: November 16, 2016

Source Music 14 November 2016

“A propellant beat, twanging guitars and large choruses gives Idle Man an uplifting feel that throws hooks and melodies at you as with self-confidence and ease. Lush production and intricate songwriting are the hallmarks of Buffalo Sunn’s music and Idle Man is no different.”

- Source Music (link) | Published on: November 13, 2016